What are Graphic Tees and Why do I love them?

What are graphic tees exactly? What makes a t shirt a graphic tee?

A graphic tee is just a t shirt that has been printed with some sort of graphic on it. That’s the basic answer.

And yet it hardly seems enough to answer the question, “What are graphic tees?” with such a simple answer.

What are Graphic Tees? Graphic Tees are a little Self Expression you Wear

First of all, graphic tees are a form of self-expression that somehow transcends fashion. Because let’s face it, t shirts are hardly haute couture. And yet you can get a real sense of someone’s style based on what kind of t shirt they are wearing.

What Are Graphic Tees

I was pondering this recently. I was in Bay City, Michigan while grabbing a cuppa from one of my favorite coffee houses in the United States, Harless + Hugh. Harless and Hugh gets two thumbs up from me for

  1. Serving traditional style drinks and keeping it European Coffee House Basic
  2. Being alumni of my own alma mater, Northern Michigan University where I learned how to Art

As I was sitting there sipping my traditional cappuccino in a china cup, and sketching out some t shirt ideas, I saw her. A young woman came in wearing a Vintage Talk t shirt. I had also just been listening to their playlist on Spotify, so this was exciting.

A Graphic Tee is More than Just Words or a Design

That t shirt did more than tell me a band name. That t shirt communicated a little something about the person wearing it. In an instant, I knew she was someone who loved chill music with an acoustic vibe. I figured she was thoughtful and maybe a bit introverted.

Then she came over to me and said, “Cool shirt. Ha! That’s me!”

I looked down and realized I was wearing my “Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s caffeine” coffee quote shirt. This graphic tee I designed is more than just a great coffee quote. It’s more than a t shirt printed with a clever coffee saying.

There are more than just words to it. There’s the vintage style silhouette. There’s the style and color (mine is in a flowy raglan tee in ash gray with teal print).

What are graphic tees Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's caffeine tshirt

So here we were, two introverted coffee lovers, interacting socially. Why? It’s all because we connected over the graphic tees we were each wearing. Maybe you have to be a great lover of the graphic tee to relate, but that was amazing.

What are Graphic Tees? Graphic Tees are Shirts that Set the Mood

I have to admit that sometimes I pick out my graphic tee of the day based on what kind of day I expect having.

I have a special t shirt I designed with a coffee quote about Mondays. This graphic tee about Mondays and coffee feels just right on some Mondays.

What are graphic tees Mondays Happen Coffee Helps Graphic tee

I guess you’ve probably figured out I’m passionate about my t shirts. This past spring while on jury duty I faced many t-shirtless days. We couldn’t dress too casual for jury duty. They specifically named t shirts as a no go. I had to really think about what to wear after that.

What are Graphic Tees? Have a Look at Some I designed!

When you find something you’re passionate about, it’s good to run with it. Thus I took my passion for graphic tees and started designing some. I love designing clever graphic tees with a cool coffee house vibe.

I design t shirts with Adobe Illustrator and using the Zazzle store to handle sales and printing.

If you want to shop some graphic tees with coffee quotes and a cool vibe, have a little at some of my t shirt designs on Ode to Coffee.

Each of these graphic tees can be personalized as needed. This means, adding your name or the name of your event on them, or any other information you want to add. I’ve recently sold a graphic tee about coffee that was personalized for a while bridal party. Fun!

What are Graphic TeesMondays Happen Coffee Helps Graphic Tee in Purple

What are graphic tees? Maybe She's born with it, maybe it's caffeine graphic tee with vintage silhouette