Pour Over Coffee Technique

The Pour Over Coffee Technique rose in popularity in the last twenty years in the United States. When living in Europe, pour over coffee was the standard method for making coffee at home. Few people I knew had an actual electric drip coffee maker.

What is the Pour Over Coffee Technique?

Pour Over Coffee Technique: Learn to Make Great Coffee at Home

A pour-over is pretty much what it sounds like.

You’ll pour hot water over coffee grounds and fresh coffee filters into your coffee cup below.

You brew pour over coffee one cup at a time most of the time. I have made pour over coffee in a carafe thermos before too.

Pour over is like the drip coffee method most of us are familiar with.

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With Drip coffee, in a drip coffee maker, the coffee maker automates this process for us.

When making a pour over, the coffee filter is usually rinsed first, then grounds are added. Add about 2T of grounds for every 6 ounces of water for the best cup. The measurement really is just a starting point though. It’s important to make the coffee to the strength you prefer.

Make a small indent in the top of the grounds. When you begin pouring the hot water onto the coffee, aim for that indention.

Add just a little bit of water at a time, filling it about halfway. Pause for about 10-20 seconds. Then continue pouring after the pause. Slowly pour it around the grounds in concentric circles.

What Coffee Maker for Pour Over Coffee?

You may be wondering what special equipment you might need to make pour over coffee.  The answer is, “Not much.”

This means you have more money to spend on good coffee, right? Yay!

Pour Over Coffee Technique: Learn to Make Great Coffee at Home

All you’ll really need is the dripper. The pour-over dripper is the cone-shaped basket that holds the filter and coffee grounds.

The drippers designed for the pour over coffee technique are different from the drippers used in automatic drip coffee makers. These drippers have a large lip on the bottom so the pour over dripper rests well on your coffee cup.

Some coffeehouse pour overs use the special pour over coffee pots. They include a glass carafe with a dripper attached at the top.

How Does Pour Over Coffee Taste?

Pour over coffee made by the cup usually tastes a bit stronger and bolder than automatic drip coffee.

Personally, I think the taste of a pour over depends more on the quality of the coffee you’re using. An Italian Roast when making a pour over or a French Press works well. I mix in a teaspoon of flavored coffee (usually vanilla or hazelnut) to add a little extra flavor. The flavored coffee, mixed in small amounts with a good dark roast, tastes best.